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TUGGER is the inspiring tale of a Jeep® 4x4 , who, after being injured while serving his country during World War II, has his engine fan replaced by a real airplane propeller. From that day on, TUGGER is convinced that his destiny is to one day fly like a real airplane. After being sold as war surplus, Tugger spends his time towing airplanes at a local airfield, where he's always in trouble with the Tower Chief and his crazy dog, Max.

TUGGER also shares the airport with his friends Ma and Pa, two grandparent-type vintage gas pumps; Bob, an ex-WWII bomber converted into a firefighter, who is TUGGER's hero; and his best friend Shorty, a short-wave radio. Tugger, the Jeep 4X4® Who Wanted to Fly, is a fun and wholesome adventure for youngsters, but is also great viewing for the entire family.


Jeffery Varab

Animated Family Films

Jim Belushi,
Carrot Top (Scott Thompson)


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