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lionofjudah100Praise for The Lion Of Judah

MovieScore Media (MMS11012)

“Greg Sims...has the talent to pull off a score of The Lion of Judah’s richness...Sims’ score is the definition of musical production value, creating a surging scope worthy of a biblical epic...evoking tenderness and dire suspense... The trumpeting danger of Judah ends up sounding like more of an adventurous cliffhanger than anything you’d consider cartoony, which is a measure of the melodic grandeur that Sims brings to the film...The Lion of Judah is truly inspiration, not to mention pleasantly surprising.”
– Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine, July Soundtrack Picks

“Absolutely dazzling! ...a very exciting score...thematically rich and expertly orchestrated...with excitingaction and stunning beauty.”
– Mikael Carlsson, Founder, International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA)

“...Sims’ music works wonderfully as a standalone project. The re are old composers whose music I love, and have done for years. John Williams, James Horner, John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith, Alan Silvestri, but even their greatest soundtracks have atmospheric moments... Sims’ score for The Lion of Judah is bursting with quality material from start to finish...wall-to-wall quality music that will delight and entertain lovers of soundtracks.” Review Score: 9 (out of 10)
– Darren Rea, Editor, Review Graveyard

“...The orchestral music used to tell the tale of Judah is often times incredibly beautiful, featuring flute and violin solos laced with both sorrow and a beauty beyond words. The entire musical score is rather interesting in that as you listen to it, you completely forget that this was a musical score written for an animated film. The composition is such that you imagine a story of epic proportions – an adventure at every turn...”
– Melissa Minners, G-Pop

“...engaging melodies and heroic swells... Sims captures the lion’s heart in an appealing orchestral score that rarely suggests ‘family film,’ but rather supplies an eloquent backdrop to a story of danger, drama and farmyard heroics...”
– Randall Larson, Soundtrax

“...a terrific soundtrack from Greg Sims...”
– Rick Bentley, McClatchy Newspapers (Miami Herald, Seattle Times, Dallas-Fort Worth News, et al.)

“A gorgeous symphonic score by Greg Sims. The score has sweep and grandeur...”
– James Ward, Gannett, Visalia Times-Delta (CA)

“Congratulations on your beautiful score to The Lion of Judah. It is such a refreshing change to come across a score with strong thematic themes and rich orchestration.”
– Paul Talkington, Owner, Paul Talkington Music Services, Ltd. (U.K.)


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