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The “first 3D faith-based animation to be released in theaters worldwide,” The Lion of Judah is a family adventure that features a very exciting orchestral score by film scoring newcomer Greg Sims. He is an experienced musician with a versatile background in jazz, arranging, orchestrating and writing for various Broadway stars as well as the Oprah Winfrey Show.

His knack for big orchestral music in a cinematic fashion really shines in The Lion of Judah, which is the type of action-orientated, thematically rich and expertly orchestrated film score so many fans of the genre enjoy.

Our score album features a lot of exciting action music often with a dash of epic heroism, witty comedy writing and some very beautiful themes. A great score for any fan of great orchestral film music. Performed with stamina by the City of Prague Philharmonic!

—Mikael Carlsson, MovieScore Media

The Lion Of Judah

87 min | Drama

Deryck Broom

Animated Family Films / Warner Brothers

Ernest Borgnine, Michael Madsen,
Sandi Patty


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