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The “first 3D faith-based animation to be released in theaters worldwide,” The Lion of Judah is a family adventure that features a very exciting orchestral score by film scoring newcomer Greg Sims. He is an experienced musician with a versatile background in jazz, arranging, orchestrating and writing for various Broadway stars as well as the Oprah Winfrey Show.

His knack for big orchestral music in a cinematic fashion really shines in The Lion of Judah, which is the type of action-orientated, thematically rich and expertly orchestrated film score so many fans of the genre enjoy.

Our score album features a lot of exciting action music often with a dash of epic heroism, witty comedy writing and some very beautiful themes. A great score for any fan of great orchestral film music. Performed with stamina by the City of Prague Philharmonic!

—Mikael Carlsson, MovieScore Media

The Lion Of Judah

Deryck Broom

Animated Family Films / Warner Brothers

Ernest Borgnine, Michael Madsen,
Sandi Patty


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